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Tranquility TV Mobile App Release


TranquilityTV App is Prescription Strength Stress Relief on the Go. Just in time for the beginning of Spring, high-def hospital-tested  stress relief film with music is released on mobile devices.

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Thursday April 10, 2014 – TranquilityTV announced today the worldwide release of its mobile application TranquilityTV App. Intended for general consumers as a tool to reduce stress and create a positive mental state, TranquiltityTV is
a solution to the universal human problem, stress.

Previously, TranquilityTV has only been available to the healthcare industry within hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and other facilities where relaxation is a proven benefit to healing and recovery. Due to overwhelming positive feedback by healthcare professionals, patients and their families, the app has been developed to be available anywhere at any time to anyone.

Founded in 2005, Tranquility TV is an evidence-based 24/7 TV channel of captivating relaxation film with customized music. The mobile app is a product of seven years of research gathered from top hospitals around the nation. What was once only available to a very select audience is now broadly available for stress relief and relaxation.

“The scenes and music are carefully crafted based on scientific testing to deliver the highest possible level of relaxation,” said President of TranquilityTV, Robby Lee Feldman. “It can lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, slow heart rate, and induce theta brain waves that indicate tranquility- acting almost like a massage for the brain.”

The free downloadable app allows users to choose from four 15-minute shows in its library. The individual shows will be offered at a special introductory price of $1.99 per show for a limited time.

There is no better time than now to make personal relaxation a priority. With the availability of the mobile app, stress relief can be obtained at any time or place. The app is available for Apple users in the Apple App Store ( For Android users, the TranquilityTV VOD is available on (

About TranquilityTV

TranquilityTV is a 24/7 TV channel of captivating relaxation film with custom music. It’s a powerful evidence-based therapeutic tool that soothes patients and makes them easier to treat, thus taking less time from caregivers. It also masks ambient sounds, which helps people fall asleep. Because TTV is based on scientific research and has been used by hospitals across the U.S. for nine years, it’s a proven method to reduce stress, soothe patients, and make them more comfortable.